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Emilie (France)

When I knew that I was going to get married, I did not want to spend all my money on a dress that I would only put on for one day, but I still wanted something of quality (and without going through the fittings in traditional stores, as I’m not at all comfortable with that). I tried a lot of dresses ordered online that did not satisfy me, to the point of dropping the idea of wearing one for my wedding. And then I remembered having seen a great dress a few years ago (which I obviously had not recorded anywhere). The only keywords I had to help me find you were ‘England, retro wedding dress,’ and that's all.

After several days of intensive search on all possible social networks, I found you on Instagram. I immediately ordered the Baroness Pearl saying it was my last chance and crossing my fingers very hard. I received it quickly and I was immediately delighted! Everyone was unanimous on the fact that she was beautiful, of good quality and adjusted as if it had been made for me. I do not regret having tried one last time and having trusted you. Thanks again!